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the domes new site is great visit here:
Domes site!
about the prune
his favourite venue is usually JO JOS or club slash . he get to mc every night with his dj , dj ian and his volvo . these 2 together will take the mutha f***ing house down .
how this legend got his name
he got his name from the very hands he uses to mix in his bangin tunes . when hes not mcing he likes to hang with barny and have a session on his bong because it makes him rap better .

prunes music
if u want to get hold of prunes music then he has a number of cds available .
1) pwrunes greatest stutters
2) prune and splaff live at JO JOS .

this bandin line up has take the prunester 5 years to make and has cost him 2 million pounds to produce .

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theres even a quality pic of the legend
as u can see this bloke is a legend . al the townies from gloucester want to touch his stylish mullet and to touch the prunes !


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steve harwoods best friend!

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